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#23 – Hey, Man…Don’t Eat A Plate Of Bacon

Elly Stevens joins Heath to resurrect Shenanigangsters from the dead as they talk about the Titanic, a nap based podcast, Downton Abbey/X-Files crossovers, Alamo Drafthouse, 100 Heartbreaks, Arcana the web series, spirituality, gripes, podcasts and many more tidbits and nuggets of randomness.

#22 – Hatchback Slanket

In which our heroes record after a long hiatus and bring in Brian’s wife, Akasha for a super sized podcast! So much was covered in this podcast that it’s hard to know where to start. The usual journeys from the banal to the deep and philosophical. And a lot of fart talk. I mean a lot. Mostly toward the end. Which is probably where fart talk should go. They also ponder the queef.

#21 – Astral Semen

In which Peter Rogers fills in for Brian and Heath and Peter discuss illness, being grumpy old men, social media annoyances, suspension of disbelief, movies, and even a little of the forbidden ground of politics. They also retread some ground that Heath and Brian have tread before, but so it goes as you do weekly podcasts and try to remember what you’ve talked about.

#20 – Undercarriage Afterburner

In which our heroes get deep and tackle death and religion, identification with opinions (such as the various wars such as Mac/PC, iOS/Android, Xbox/Playstation), learning German for a film role and much more of the usual random mouth spewing variety.

#19 – Gold Plated Dwight Yoakam Bot Sings The Beatles

In which our heroes discuss Harmy’s “Star Wars – Despecialized Edition” honesty and truth, spend way too long making up fake jingles and commenting on generic “sportsball,” stump each other with impossible and bad impressions and then imitate each other and themselves. Plus 74% more random and possibly tedious lunacy than normal.


#18 – Buzzbring

In which our heroes discuss the days past of “appointment viewing” television, Brian’s trials and tribulations as a vegan, and play a bunch of TV themes and other tunes off Heath’s phone, and Brian literally phones it in for the last 10 minutes. Plus the usual assortment of lunacy.

#17 – Sexist Math

In which our heroes solve for sexist math, explore the manly state of MANTANA, have a romantic ukulele duet, invent Movie Credit Theme Songs and Heath tries not to cough up a lung, among the other usual ingredients in the Shenanigangsters burrito.

#16 – Gruntled

In which our heroes commit the cardinal sin of eating while podcasting, have a sexually charged Cold Read Theater, and pay tribute to the romantic love songs of KISS among the other ingredients in their casserole of inanity.

They also talk about these two parodies of “Beth” by KISS that they wrote and recorded.


Macbeth Duet

#15 – 24 Things

In which our heroes float down a trippy stream of consciousness with Brian being extra tired and sick, delve way to far into Jenny Agutter’s IMDB credits, and invent a new game of listing 24 things quickly off the top of your head.

And remember, it’s always PANTS TIME! UH HUH!


In which our heroes talk of their adventures in traffic tickets, Heath’s days at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and get stuck in Russian accents this week singing Beatles songs, among the other usual trips that you might think are drug fueled but are actually just our completely sober brains.

#13 – Your Butt Is My Hall Pass

In which our heroes really go off the rails, go to 11 and recount the first week run of Macbeth at The City Theatre, talk about the concept of “Hall Pass” lists, key parties, and then get stuck doing German accents for what probably seems like an eternity, among other bits of exhaustion based insanity.

And this blog entry is mentioned.

And Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

#12 – Abs of Cheese

In which our heroes wax philosophical on jobs, perspective, life dissatisfaction, fitness and vanity among other randomly firing neurons.

And we said we’d link to this. Riiiiiiiight…here.
Zombies, Run!

#11 – Pomegranate Potentates of the Lost Podcast

In which our heroes welcome their first guest, Peter Rogers, an amazing and beloved member of the Austin Improv scene. Together they recap what got lost in “the lost episode” when a computer restart caused them to lose the previous recording as well as discussing friendship, improvisation, do “not quite cold read theater,” and Heath shocks Brian with a naughty word.

Improv shows we alluded to:’re_So_Smart

One more link, about the annual potluck:

Mamet Star Wars:

#10 – Eye Punching

In which our heroes discuss the usual like movies, video games and other miscellany, while Heath seems to never shut up about his younger school days and his trip to Maui.

#9 РSleep Farmers©

In which our heroes talk video games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, movies, Brian’s favorite film scores and the usual assortment of flibbety floo.

They also mention this video:
Princess Bride Sweded

And these other podcasts:
Hollywood Babble-on

#8 – Tuna Sandwich Douchebags

In which our heroes can’t seem to shut up in this super sized podcast about impressions, Shakespeare, self-hype, the weird world of acting and show business, and Brian reveals that he watched the first feature film that Heath was ever in. All sprinkled with a lovely potpourri of random silliness.

#7 – Traumarama Drama

In which our heroes talk movie quotes, Mr. Freeze ice puns, read embarrassing stories from Seventeen and Cosmopolitan in random voices and channel Bjork in what could possibly be the most random episode yet, and we feel that’s saying something. It may be either the most entertaining or the most annoying episode yet. Maybe both.

#6 – Cage Match

In which our heroes talk a lot about movies and television, whether or not the organic evolution of language will lead to an idiocracy, filming Moving Day, the strange life of an actor, and do another edition of Cold Read/Bad Impression Theatre, among their other journeys into the esoteric.

#5 – Cymbal Monkeys

In which our heroes get real like some kind of podcast therapy while also discussing theatrical dream roles, relationships, the world of acting and filmmaking, movies, and cymbal monkeys plus a plethora of random tangents upon tangents. Yes, a plethora. Give it a listen. Don’t be a cymbal monkey.

#4 – Morning Mike and Weather Bob

In which our heroes give you a double dose of Cold Read Theater (one with a possibly annoying twist), talk about why Highlander 2 is the symbolic figurehead of “worst movie of all time,” and turn into a morning radio show, among a metric ton of other random silliness.

And this video:
High On Hollywood: Highlander 2

#3 – Pop-up Audio

In which our heroes get sexy after dark, cold read a script, invent “Pop-up Audio,” discuss spoilers,nthe rumors of a Batman/Superman crossover in Man of Steel 2, and blue poop, among the other usual tangents and flights of fancy. Shout out to Kelsey H.

#2 – The Podfather

In which our heroes talk way too much about Kevin Smith, movies, comedy, now worry about having good conversations off the mic, tolerating the intolerant and go from deep philosophical conversations to giggling like 12 year old boys at juvenile things, among many other random tangents. With a shout out to Jennifer H.
#2. Heh heh.

And this video.

#1 – Origin Story

In which our heroes finally stop talking about doing things and start actually doing things. Which in this case is talking. And recording it. They embark on their podcast journey like a wobbly newborn doe, and try not to collapse and fall on their faces.

Coming Soon!


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