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August, 2013

#7 – Traumarama Drama

In which our heroes talk movie quotes, Mr. Freeze ice puns, read embarrassing stories from Seventeen and Cosmopolitan in random voices and channel Bjork in what could possibly be the most random episode yet, and we feel that’s saying something. It may be either the most entertaining or the most annoying episode yet. Maybe both. Play in new window …Continue reading →

#6 – Cage Match

In which our heroes talk a lot about movies and television, whether or not the organic evolution of language will lead to an idiocracy, filming Moving Day, the strange life of an actor, and do another edition of Cold Read/Bad Impression Theatre, among their other journeys into the esoteric. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

#5 – Cymbal Monkeys

In which our heroes get real like some kind of podcast therapy while also discussing theatrical dream roles, relationships, the world of acting and filmmaking, movies, and cymbal monkeys plus a plethora of random tangents upon tangents. Yes, a plethora. Give it a listen. Don’t be a cymbal monkey. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

#4 – Morning Mike and Weather Bob

In which our heroes give you a double dose of Cold Read Theater (one with a possibly annoying twist), talk about why Highlander 2 is the symbolic figurehead of “worst movie of all time,” and turn into a morning radio show, among a metric ton of other random silliness. And this video: High On Hollywood: Highlander 2 Play in …Continue reading →

#3 – Pop-up Audio

In which our heroes get sexy after dark, cold read a script, invent “Pop-up Audio,” discuss spoilers,nthe rumors of a Batman/Superman crossover in Man of Steel 2, and blue poop, among the other usual tangents and flights of fancy. Shout out to Kelsey H. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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