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#3 – Pop-up Audio

In which our heroes get sexy after dark, cold read a script, invent “Pop-up Audio,” discuss spoilers,nthe rumors of a Batman/Superman crossover in Man of Steel 2, and blue poop, among the other usual tangents and flights of fancy. Shout out to Kelsey H.

2 Responses to “#3 – Pop-up Audio”

  • Jon Steele says:

    Hey guys, I’m alittle late to the party so I have some catching up to do, but I really dig the podcast so far. I’ve been listening in the mornings before the restaurant I work at opens, and everyone always wants to know what I’m laughing at. Maybe it will get you a few more listeners. I especially liked the cold read this week. Heath, it sounded like something Damn Dirty Apes would have done.

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